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Rachel Charlebois


Rachel Charlebois

I have been a welder for approximately 8 years and just got into doing art work a couple of years ago. I primarily rebuild snow plows at Moase Machine Shop Services, which is located on the 504. I do art on my down time. Most of my art is made from thin plate steel that I draw onto with soap stone and cut out with a plasma cutter. I then have to grind and polish each piece to remove any imperfections. I finish them off with clear coat, so nothing will rust. Some of my other pieces of art include motorcycles made from nuts and bolts, earrings made from bullet cartridges and various garden embellishments made from spark plugs, spoons, knives etc.  I am working to create lots of new items in the near future. I am looking forward to showing my work during this years Studio Tour.

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[email protected]

4701 Cty Rd 504, south of Glen Alda Rd.