Studio M

Molly Moldovan

Visual Arts

The starting point for all my work is the pristine landscape that surrounds me: the lake, forest and uninterrupted skyscape are the foundation of every piece that I paint. Natural phenomena – fall colour, northern lights, a colourful sunset, lunar eclipse, thunderstorm or a certain quality of light – all of these find their way into my work as the expression of an idea or memory of landscape: that place where imperfect memory collides with the emotion of the observed.

Increasingly in recent years, I find myself painting near-landscapes: weather-scapes – natural phenomena that exist only in my imagination. Some are dystopic and rife with the feel of imminent disaster, while others are joyful, multi-layered, colourfully luminous and often fluidly transparent.

A visual artist whose primary focus is abstraction, I have been living and working in North Kawartha since graduating OCA(D) with honours (fine art drawing and painting).
Using acrylic and mixed media on various grounds, my practice has explored such diverse themes as democracy, international politics, the AIDS pandemic, familial relationships and always, the abstract nature of our universe.

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1000 Clydesdale Rd,  just south of Tallan Lake Rd.