Studio K

Cathy Pennaertz


Cathy Pennaertz

Playing with multiple patterns and a love of colours on clay, each whimsical and one-of-a-kind
creation becomes a functional piece of art. New lotion/soap dispensers add to the collection
among a continuation of new animated forms of snowmen, gnomes, Santa’s and critters which
adorn the shelves. Always showcasing a selection of one of a kind mugs, bowls and containers
to mention a few, Tallan Creek Pottery is nestled in the valley of Tallan Creek and is located in a
historical setting on Hwy 620 at #1684.

visit me!

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My studio is in an historic farm house, situated at #1684 on County Rd. 620, between Vic Tanner and Trotter Oitment roads.
Open by appointment before and after the studio tour weekend.